Yoga for Senior Citizens

Yoga has been practiced for many years and is a mixture of breathing techniques, meditation and different body postures. It was originally used to help relax and unwind the mind but in more recent times it has also been used as forms of weight loss, forms of therapy and now even a simple and very effective exercise for senior citizens. Below are just some of the great things that senior citizens can get out of doing yoga.

Relaxing the Mind

Often times people are very stressed and one way to combat that stress is through yoga. Yoga uses a series of breathing techniques and meditation to help ease and relax the mind. When the mind is worried or stressed, it can cause a lot of havoc on the body. It can cause the body to be tired run down and not work to its full potential. By relaxing the mind, you are also relaxing the mind and the muscles. It is a great way for seniors to clear their head.

Stretches the Body

Seniors often spend a lot of time just sitting or lying in bed. This can be very harmful to muscles and bones as they can begin to deteriorate from lack of use. By getting up and doing yoga you can help keep stretch the muscles out. Yoga requires light stretching so it is perfect for seniors who may not be able to handle too much. There are stretches for the neck, back, arms legs and just about every body part.

Helps Build Muscle

Although yoga tends to be light exercises it can help build muscle. This is especially great for seniors who have weaker bones and cannot often do a lot of hard working out. Yoga uses a lot of your own body weight making it easier for seniors to be able to do it. Most of the exercises require little movement and little work. It is a great way to make bones stronger and more supportive.

Meet New People

Taking a yoga class is a great way for seniors to meet new people. It is often hard to meet someone if you don’t really venture out. Taking a class especially a class that can help strengthen your mind and body is a great way for seniors to meet someone new and engage with others. Studies have shown that if you do an activity with a friend or loved one you have a better chance of enjoying the activity and benefiting from it.

These are just a few of the many reasons why yoga s great for seniors. It helps get them moving while also helping them to be healthier. It is great for those who spend a lot of time in bed or sitting down as that can be bad for your muscles as well as your blood and bones. For senior citizens, it is very important to keep active and keep moving around so you can remain as healthy as possible.

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