Why healthy organic food is trending

There are lots and lots of health benefits from eating fresh, local, natural and organic foods, say longtime nutrition experts commenting online. In fact, the many organic food items produced by “natural” means are trending online at various nutrition and food service websites because the standards for all food safety have shifted dramatically in recent years. For instance, there is more emphasis today on “green” farming.

The goal is to present true organic foods that are free of pesticides, irradiation, GMO growth additive and industrial solvents that leach into the soil where many veggies and fruit trees are growing.

Organic foods called “real food”

There is a special health and safety certification required for all goods labeled as “organic” in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan and the European Union. This focus on promoting organic farming as the best way and means to ensure food that is both safe and healthy to eat is driving a new online business that focuses more on food safety than even low cost. This organic food revolution is why there is so much emphasis today on labeling the nutrient contents, say doctors and others concerned about the foods people consume.

Natural foods are “real” foods

There is a view from those who brand and market natural foods online and in traditional brick and mortar stores that these “real” foods are trending with consumers today because they fear antibiotics, growth hormones and other dangerous chemicals in many foods on offer today. The result is the rise of natural food startups to meet the public’s demand. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Agriculture supports organic and natural food startups because the department is a leading advocate of organic over eating unhealthy processed foods.

The benefits of natural foods include:

– Produced without harmful, toxic pesticides and fertilizers.
– Not linked to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that are used to manipulate the growth of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.
– Food products that are fully vetted and tested before being sold to the public.
– Focus on food safety as job #1.

Overall, there has never been a better time to invest in a natural food startup in the wake of more and more people choosing organic food products. The view is natural or organically grown foods are not only safer to eat, but these foods seem to taste better as well.

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