The Benefits and Problems of In-Home Elderly Care

Many times, it can be hard to care for the elderly. With work, school, kids and everyday life it can be hard to be sure they receive all of the care they need. Sending a loved one to a nursing home may be the best way to get them all the care they need but often times having them home is what is the happiest for them as well as the rest of the family. There are many benefits and even some drawbacks to having in home care for an elderly loved one. Below you will find some of the best benefits of using in home care as well as some of the problems that may arise when using in home care. It is important to keep in mind there are pros and cons for everything.

The Benefits: Allowing Them to Remain at Home

This is one of the number one benefits of having in home care for an elderly person. It allows the individual to stay in a familiar place that they know and love and are very accustomed to being in. They know where everything is, they can keep all of their stuff and there is no need to worry about them fitting in at a new place. It also allows them to have privacy as well as sleep in their own bed. They may feel safer and more comfortable being in a place that they know. They can look outside whenever they want and interact with other housemates and house guests. Having in home care is a great way to avoid changing their life around too much.

Keeping Their Schedule Normal

This is important especially if the individual takes medication or likes to eat at a certain time or watch a program on television. When they are home they can stick to a schedule they know and one that works for them. If they are in a facility they often stick to the rules and schedules that they set in place instead of being able to do what they want. They usually will have to eat when others are eating and can only have recreational time when it is available. By being at home they can stick to what they know. They can sleep and wake at their own schedule, eat at their own schedule and basically do anything they want to do since it is their home. When in a facility, you must be respectful of the rules as well as others who are living there.

Can Cost Less Than a Facility

Many times, facilities for elderly can be very expensive and it can be hard to find a way to pay for it if they cannot afford it. Facilities are offering around the clock care and treatment of many different kinds of professionals so naturally the cost is much higher. By keeping an elderly individual in home, you can simply have a nurse or doctors as you need it instead of around the clock. You can set your own schedule of when help will come and can even choose a nurse or team of nurses that works for you and your family. There are many different agencies that offer in home nurses and practitioners.

The Problems: Not Being Available 24/7

Some people do require 24/7 care and looking after. This can be hard to keep someone like this in home because you may not always be available to watch over them. Work, kids and everyday things make life unpredictable so they may be a chance of having to step away. If a person requires this kind of care and attention a facility may be the best option. There is the possibility of getting a live-in caretaker or nurse however the cost can add up very quickly. The cost of medications and medical supplies can also add up very quickly. Also at many times elderly people need a lot of love and attention and that can be hard to do but at a facility there is always someone to talk to and be around.

Cost Can Get High

If you have someone who requires a lot of care it may become too expensive to keep them in home. If they require more than just a few appointments or checkups every month or so or if they require a lot of medication or medical devices it may be better if they remained in a care facility to ensure they get the proper care they need on a daily basis. Facilities can provide most types of medical equipment and supplies and they also know how and when to operate them.

Always Different Nurses

If you hire an agency or company to provide you with in home healthcare often times you will just receive the next available assistant in your area. This makes it hard for the health care worker and the elderly individual to bond and form a relationship. They will constantly have new caretakers who may say or do things differently and confuse them. There are some agencies that will allow you to use the same care taker again and again but the cost may vary. It is important for the elderly person and the care taker to have a good relationship and trust each other.

As with anything in life there are always pros and cons. These are just a few of the top ones to think about when deciding on in home care. When possible it is always important to discuss any big decisions like this with other housemates as well as the elderly individual in question as you want them to feel the safest and most comfortable at all times.

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