Snacks to Introduce Vegan Snacks to the SuperBowl Party

Getting ready for the SuperBowl is no easy task. There are getting people to come over, making sure that your house is clean and ready to be presented, and there’s food that has to be presented to your guests. Depending on what your diet is, this could be an easy task or unbearably harder task than it needs to be. If you have a vegan diet, things are harder than it needs to be. However, you don’t have to give up on your sensibilities to have great meal plans for your guests. Nor do you have to force your guests to abide by your vegan sensibilities with them kicking and screaming as they claw their way to avoid acclimating to the vegan foods that is presented them. Here are a few recipes that you can use in order to get people to enjoy the food that they are eating during the SuperBowl.

Simple Veggie Slides

This one may be a little tricky to incorporating into a SuperBowl party but nevertheless, this recipe will leave a tasty impression on your guests. These veggie sliders only need to have seven ingredients for you to enjoy these foods. These veggie slides take about one hour to cooking with 15 minutes to prep for the food itself and 45 minutes to actually cook the veggie sliders. Luckily, this type of food is well worth the wait to enjoy and to present to your guest. There are several ways that you can enjoy your veggie sliders: tender; slightly crisp; perfectly browned; savory; smoky. While this recipe isn’t a quick fix-it like the others that are going to be presented later on, this recipe is worthwhile to cook and present with pride.

Guacamole Dip

Incorporating guacamole into your itinerary is a surefire to make sure that not everyone is captured by surprise when it comes to eating delicious food that you have. In other words, guacamole dips are the safest choice for party foods that you can present to your guest. Using guacamole dips is a great way to incorporate your sensibilities into party settings without setting out alarms that scare your guests away from eating the rest of the food.

Watermelon Margarita

Watermelon is another safe option to incorporate your vegan sensibilities into the meal. What the next step beyond is introducing watermelon margarita into the SuperBowl. What makes this recipe so incredibly easy is that all that you really need is three ingredients: tequila, lime juice, and blended watermelon. You can use a blender to chop up ripe watermelon until you have watermelon juice. Then, you can easily mix your tequila with your lime juice and blended ‘watermelon juice’ together. The only final thing that you need to do is to present your ‘watermelon juice’ to the SuperBowl guests so that they can enjoy the Watermelon Margarita.

These Recipes Should Work For You

There are countless recipes that you can use when you are presenting your vegan recipes to your guest list. It’s important to understand that not everyone is not as attached to your plans of eating a vegan diet. However, this is an opportunity to showcase the benefits of eating a vegan diet. This doesn’t mean presenting a showcase a PowerPoint presentation about health benefits of having a vegan diet. Instead, it would be best to present the benefits of great additions of a vegan diet. You may not convert anyone into your vegan lifestyle anytime but you can end up having your guests incorporate vegan foods into their diets. That’s all because you presented great tasty foods that your guests can enjoy.

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