Preventing Falls in Old Age

The older a person gets the more likely they are to fall. As you age your balance begins to worsen. As well as your balance worsening your joints and muscles may become more deteriorated and stiff or they may just feel weak and unable to stand. All of these factors can contribute to an elderly person falling. If an elderly person falls they can really harm themselves. They can fall onto something or over something and can even break or severely injury something. Below are some of the best ways to help prevent an elderly person from falling.

Work on Balance

This is very important and is one of the main reasons people fall in old age. When standing up, walking or even moving position it is very easy to lose your balance and topple over at any age but in old age it is even more likely. This is extremely dangerous as you can hit your head, break a hip or really injure yourself in some kind of way. By working on balance and hand eye coordination you can help your brain and body to balance better. There are many things to do to improve balance. Simply walking and stretching can help. For those who can do more advanced things light exercises and movements can help improve balance. It is always best to check with a doctor health care professional before trying anything strenuous or harmful.

Get Glasses

Having a hard time seeing is another reason many elderly people fall. With bad vision, they can trip over things or walk into things simply because they are not able to see them. Having vision checked on a regular basis is great idea. It is also important to constantly keep updating glasses and eye wear. Elderly people may not even realize when their vision is not so great anymore so it is important to keep up with it.

Check the Lighting

Eye sight tends to get much worse with age. It becomes harder and harder to see especially in a low light room. Elderly people struggle to see as it and if the lighting is bad they can trip and fall and even hurt themselves. Be sure all of the lighting is bright and able to be seen. If lights are low or dimming they should be changed to avoid any accidents. Bright lights make it much easier to see and get around especially for someone with bad eyesight.


One of the biggest ways to prevent falls is to ensure the environment is always clean and organized. Be sure small things are never laying on the floor and be sure toys and all other objects are out of walk ways and entry ways and even door ways. Also, be sure there are no toys or anything left on the stairs as that can be incredibly dangerous. Move big items out of the way in case of a fall like sharp pieces of furniture or items that can cut or harm someone. Remove any loose rugs or tiles as this can be cause for falling also. Always be sure floor is clean and dry and that no wires are sticking out.

These are just a few of the best ways to help prevent falls. Always be sure to keep areas clean, dry and very well lit. Constantly have their eyes checked and be sure if they do happen to fall that there is always a plan. Whether they have a life alert bracelet or a cell phone or something that they can use if an accident should occur.

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