Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are quickly becoming popular even in our era where everything is by all accounts represented by science. Sometimes we try herbal medicine or natural remedies to cure some simple health problems such as a cold or cough. At times, we use herbal medicines if all else fails. We likewise take our grandmother’s suggestions of using herbal remedies to cure serious ailments such as kidney stones or to regularize periods. Nowadays doctors suggest people to use natural remedies especially clinically tested remedies. Not all natural cures provide necessary benefits and useful to our well-being. Some of them may even harm you or have no effect on your body at all. In today’s article, we have listed down the positive aspects and negative aspects of using natural remedies or medicines.


A natural remedy is the utilization of botanicals (plants) either uniquely or in the mix to counteract and treat certain diseases and ailments. Individuals local to diverse land areas have since quite a while ago utilized plants and plant concentrates to cure particular diseases. With respect to these herbal medicines, three schools of research have been derived. Based on Roman, Greek and medieval sources, this study of medicines is used by the Western school of thought. The other is the Eastern custom of Chinese Herbal Medicine and finally the Ayurvedic medicine which originates from India.


1. All-Natural Ingredients

Even those herbal products that are sold in stores are made from natural ingredients. These natural medications as pills or tablets are ensured to contain ingredients that are taken from the plant itself which contain the most key segments. Since these natural remedies are made from nature, it is likely that it won’t bring about any extreme negative impacts on your body. There may be a couple of pharmaceutical organizations that will blend some manufactured chemicals in the natural pills yet they are added to expand the impact.

2. Causes Less Side Effects

Since it does not contain toxic chemicals, natural remedies will not give off undesirable side effects. Compared to chemical pills or drugs, herbal remedies are less harmful and thereby it won’t cause any allergy reaction.

3. Affordable and Cost Effective

When compared to man-made and synthetic chemical drugs, herbal medicine is relatively less expensive. Chemical cost is higher and hence natural ingredients are quite cheap. Moreover, natural remedies are readily available. If you have the right seeds, you can even grow specific herbal remedies in your backyard or garden.

honey best natural remedy


1. May Take Time to Notice the Changes

To see some positive results, one has to use the herbal medicines on a regular basis. It is not because these natural remedies are ineffective; it’s just that those ingredients have to get absorbed in the body and the blood stream to see the results.

2. Some May Not be Advisable to Use

Pretty much as what was said before, a few herbs are not safe to be used. Hence, you need to take professional help while consuming these herbs. Hence, try out these natural cures as even major pharmaceutical companies are using different herbs in their chemical pills.


Throughout history, the only once used medicine was herbal medicine. It hasn’t been until modern times that people have turned to their doctors for a pharmaceutical version of the cure. But as we have seen with modern medicine sometimes it doesn’t hold the cure and only masks the symptoms without getting to the route of the problem. Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years and even though we have forgotten some of its benefits, it is still widely used today.

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