Natural food startups successful

When it comes to successful health food “startups” in both the US and Canada, the five top businesses include,, and for lots and lots of good and “healthy” reasons, say fans of these trending online and retail health food businesses. What sets these trending organic food websites apart is a true commitment to “real foods.” This is the view of longtime natural food business owners when offering glowing online testimonials for these top natural food businesses that are making lots of money by simply giving customers the fresh and health foods they want to eat.

Natural in a time of food safety

The American Medical Association (AMA) states on its website that there has never been a time in human history when food safety is not as needed, trending and simply desired by the general public than today. For instance, the AMA points to almost daily food recalls in stores and restaurants. In fact, this emphasis on selling safe and natural foods has created a real business opportunity for those thinking about launching an organic food startup online. It even seems to be a no-brainer because more and more people are choosing “organic” or natural foods for what’s for dinner tonight.

Benefits of selling natural foods

There are legions of green and environmentally friendly consumers and action groups that demand safer and natural foods from shops, websites and even supermarkets. Meanwhile, there is a trending “negative view” about GMO as compared to natural or “true organic” foods. The customer seems to want dairy, fruits, fish, veggies, meats that are not GMO manipulated. This is not “personal,” but simply a “business” decision that natural food startup business owners understand. In turn, they are making lots of money by selling either natural or GMO-free organic food products on their websites.

The benefits of a natural food startup include:

– Joining the branding and marketing point of view today that organic foods are better than GMO or processed foods because there grown without harmful pesticides that are known to cause disease and ill-health in humans.

– Earning huge profits because “organic” is now branded as a healthier choice.

– Natural and organic farmed foods are view as a much better choice because of health, safety and cost.

Overall, there has never been a better time to launch a natural food startup online because “organic” is now more accepted as better in 2016. In fact, there are more trending online websites offering true organic and natural foods than ever before.

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