Made Foods is Prepared to Serve You

Introducing Made Foods

You will be glad to meet a company called Made Foods. They will make your life easier by preparing healthy meals for you. They prepare proper meals for individuals with busy lives. These are tasty meals for anyone, who might enjoy a delicious and nutritious option. Healthy meals lead to healthy people. When your life gets busy, it is typically your diet that will be sacrificed. Made Foods is prepared to keep you healthy with meals that are delicious and nutritious. They serve amazing meals. These are meals that are prepared especially for you and delivered to you. This company takes pride in offering every customer food with integrity. They make certain that every customer will have the needed fuel for a healthy life. They offer real food with a passion.

The following are included:

  • gluten friendly
  • dairy friendly
  • vegetarian and vegan
  • low calorie options

These are meals that are prepared by a qualified team of professionals and are ready to be enjoyed by you. They offer a quality catering service. They will be happy to bring fresh meals right to you.

Meet the Founders

It was Blake and Chris who founded Made Foods. The idea of this company came to life when they noticed a large need for healthy foods options. They were, at that time, two busy individuals who were always on the go. They saw that many people were leading busy lives and were omitting quality food from their own diets. They wanted to provide a convenient meal option. Blake and Chris transformed their own need into an opportunity to assist others who were also facing the same obstacles and challenges. They included Chef Andrea Harling and made their idea come to life. They founded Made Foods, so that they could hire a superior team of individuals who are as passionate about wholesome food as they are. They take pride in preparing meals for you.

Every meal is:

  • sustainable
  • delicious
  • healthy
  • made with local, seasonal organic ingredients
  • chef-made
  • prepared and ready to go
  • and made with love ♥

Made Foods will not skimp on quality. They offer nothing but the best products. The had a plan to ensure that a wide selection of quality and dairy friendly food products were made available for you. You are invited to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal prepared by a highly professional team. They are passionate about providing quality meals to quality customers.

A Large Variety of Products for You

You are invited to start by choosing your menu category. Your options include:

  • lunch
  • dinner
  • smoothies
  • kid’s menu
  • soups
  • sides

They provide featured lunch meals too. They offer a large variety of tasty and nutritious meals. There is a certified holistic nutritionist on board to oversee all food items. Her name is Jenn Hruby. She is passionate about food. She attended Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She includes seasonal whole food in her philosophy. Obtaining food from local farmers every season is ideal, in her opinion. She and the founders, take much pride in sourcing their ingredients. They source them from some of the top local farmers and suppliers. Every meal is prepared with the added ingredient of love. They are happy to provide corporate catering too. A working lunch can be enjoyed and give you that needed energy. Made Foods will ensure that you have fresh meals regardless of your schedule.

“You’ve got it made!”

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