Arthritis Cure

Most of the doctors do mention that there is no permanent cure for arthritis; however certain pain reduction therapy and lifestyle modifications can incredibly help you in enhancing the quality of life. The treatment you ought to pick relies on upon the sort of joint inflammation you have and how far it has advanced. Regardless of which course of action you choose to take, taking care of your health and regularly exercising will be stressed out more. Converse with your specialist about which of the health tips suit your body.

1. Do yoga:

Yoga is an extraordinary type of activity that aids in relaxing each one of the body’s muscles and makes you more adaptable, as well. As arthritis sets in, individuals abstain from doing any movement with the apprehension of agony. Enticing, however not a smart thought. Yoga is particularly great because it doesn’t include any vigorous movement yet at the same time challenges the muscles.

yoga for your health

2. Do leg raises:

On the off chance that your balance isn’t incredible, you can do yoga-like activities with the help of a stool or chair. The leg raise activity is a good one: be seated on a proper chair with your back straight. Slowly lift the left leg and bring it parallel to the ground. Try to hold this particular position for about 10 seconds and repeat with right leg. Moreover, you can tone your thigh muscles, by using light weights as well.

3. Use heat:

Arthritis is a degenerative issue that happens because of the tearing of cartilage. With the help of a heating pad or bag, apply heat to the area, thereby the underlying arteries get enlarged improving bloodstream to the site, allowing to exercise with ease. Further to this, the blood flow increases and this in turn increases the number of cells that helps in recuperating the harmed knee, as well. To do this, fill your heating bag with lukewarm water. Rub this bag on the specified area for about twenty minutes every 6-7 hours.

4. Try water aerobics:

Water aerobics is done in a swimming pool. You can reduce the stress on the knee due to the buoyancy of water. You can derive plenty of benefits by following few water aerobics. It brings about flexibility and enhances the knee’s elasticity. Many find that this exercise is less demanding to perform and more pleasant as it presents a change of pace from the typical idea of “activity.” Look for classes offered at your nearby pool or health center.

5. Use turmeric to combat swelling and pain:

Every day in the morning, consume two tablespoons of grounded turmeric powder blended with little honey. This particular natural item reduces swelling by inhibiting the COX-2, COX-1 pathway that accelerates pain. It is beneficial to the body due to their anti-oxidant properties. In case, you dislike the taste, then add honey-turmeric blend in your green tea to weaken the strength of the flavor.

6. Look at Your Diet and Make Changes

The saying, you are what you eat makes a big effect particularly if you have arthritis. When you have arthritis, you should exam your diet and get rid of foods that cause inflammation. Things like processed foods contain many different chemicals that can affect the body in a negative way. Eating a well-balanced diet free of foods that cause inflammation will make all the difference.


Arthritis suffers can gain their life back through changes in diet to performing yoga and other exercises that give a person more mobility. Using herbs and heat treatments will also help with your pain when it comes on. It’s up to you to make the changes in your lifestyle, and you can make your lifestyle more tolerable if you only try.

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