47 herbal remedies

1. Agar Agar: It is used a natural laxative and algae found in seaweed.

2. Lemon Balm: Its flowers and green leaves are used for digestion and flatulence. Useful for toothache and stings.

3. Basil: Make tea from dried leaves to cure nausea.

4. Aloe: Soothes burns and stomach ailments.

5. Black Haw: Dried root tea reduces blood pressure.

6. Beet root: Spleen cleaner and reenergizes the liver.

7. Birch leaves: Effective treatment for urinary infections and cystitis.

8. Arnica: Do not eat it! Use the paste to treat bruises.

9. Bugleweed: Works against dropsy and gout. Great for central nervous system.

10. California Poppy: Dried aerial parts used as mild sedative for kids.

11. Celery seeds: Great for arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

12. Catnip: Apt for the flu and cold treatment.

13. Cherry: The bark is used to cure bronchitis, tuberculosis.

14. Chamomile: Vertigo, anxiety, insomnia, dyspepsia, migraine, depression, conjunctivitis are treated using this herb.

15. Cinnamon: Makes a great antiseptic.

16. Coriander: Excellent for urinary and prostrate ailments.

17. Chestnut: Use the inner bark for liver ailments.

18. Tabasco Pepper: Effective treatment for kidney problems.

19. Fennel seeds: Excellent for gastric problems.

20. Fenugreek seeds: Great for blood poison and swellings.

21. Garlic: Stimulates digestive organs and emulsifies cholesterol in the body.

22. Eucalyptus: Leaves are used for treating bronchitis and asthma.

23. Henna: Use the leaves to treat skin infections.

24. Lavender flowers: Good for depression.

25. Marshmallow: Excellent for inflamed eyes and hoarseness.

26. Hydrangea: Dried roots are used to treat an enlarged prostate glands.

27. Pansy pansies: Effective for curing bladder infections.

28. Liquorice: Used for stress and hypoglycemia.

29. Mullein: Cures hay fever.

30. Raspberry: As a tea, aids in treating morning sickness.

31. Peppermint: A remedy for curing travel sickness.

32. Papaya: Aids in digestion.

33. Rhubarb: Relieves headaches and used to improve the muscular movement of the bowels.

34. Parsley: Expels gallstones and the herb is rich in potassium.

35. Saffron: Natural hydrochloric acid, hence reduces buildup of uric acid in the joints. Good for scarlet fever.

36. Thyme: The oil which is extracted is used for asthma and coughs.

37. Plantain: Treats burns, eczema and stops bleeding from cuts.

38. Sage: Make tea from dried herbs and use it soothe ulcerated mouth and throat. Good for spermatorrhea and expelling worms from the stomach.

39. Rosemary: Excellent nerve and circulatory stimulant. Cures depression and or headaches.

40. White oak bark: The best remedy to treat varicose veins, hemorrhoids and piles. Used in enemas and douches to cure internal swellings and tumors. Normalizes spleen,

kidneys and liver.

41. Wormwood: A good tonic for treating digestion, fever and the liver.

42. Queen Annes Lac: It is diuretic and hence used to treat prostatitis, kidney stones and cystitis. Effective for rheumatism and gout.

43. Red clover: Antidote to cancer and is a blood purifier. Relaxes entire circulatory and nervous system.

44. Witch Hazel: Its leaves and bark is used to make tonic and this aids in curing piles, tumor and regularizing menstrual cycle.

46. Marjoram: Effective for curing disorders and also aids in digestion.

47. Mugwort: A good treatment for gout.

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